Autumn Drift Flies
                                      by Dave P. Fisher

About Dave

A professional fly tier for over 35 years,  Dave grew up on Oregon's famous McKenzie River.
  As a teen, he learned the art of fly tying, supplying the many fly fishing shops and stores on the river,
along with tying private custom orders.  Later, working as the Processing Manager at
The Fly Fisherman's Bookcase, in Eugene, gave him his extensive knowledge about fly tying materials,
handling and quality.

An avid fly fisherman,  Dave has fished numerous rivers in the Western United States
 including the McKenzie, Deschutes, Williamson and Willamette Rivers in Oregon;
the Big Horn, Yellowstone and Firehole in Montana and Wyoming;
along with numerous remote mountain lakes in the Cascades and Rockies,  just to name a few.  

In Alaska, he caught Grayling; 
Rainbows, Browns and Cutthroats in Oregon, Montana and Wyoming,
and the famous McKenzie Redsides in Oregon. 

Dave's background includes working as a fishing and hunting guide,
 a horse packer, rodeo cowboy, and working cowboy.

   Drawing on his experiences,  Dave has developed a successful writing career
 with over 300 non-fiction articles, short stories, and western historical novels published internationally.
 He has also won a Will Rogers Medallion Award for his western fiction,
 and several People's Choice Awards for his short stories.
 He has contributed articles to Fur-Fish-Game magazine  and Open Range magazine, to name a few.
 He is also a Contributing Writer for outdoor articles  for websites such as

  For more on Dave's writing, please visit his website:

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